Headache Food and Food Triggers

Headache Food and Food Triggers

Headache Food and Food Triggers - Headaches and Migraine Causes - Headache Diet » Foods that Trigger HeadachesDo you suddenly find your head throbbing after eating a particular food item? There are certain food items that can trigger headaches and one needs to recognize such food triggers and avoid them for staying healthy and fit.

Given below are some common food items that can act as headache triggers.
Headaches triggered by intake of food items are usually those associated with a migraine attack.

This is because there are certain food items that lead to an allergic reaction in some people which in turn causes a migraine attack.
Nuts are one food items that usually trigger a headache which can be either a normal headache or one associated with tension or migraine. Along with nuts, certain chocolates and even cheese can trigger headaches in some people.

For non vegetarians, processed meat is a common food item that can trigger a headache. Similarly, sausages, bacon, and smoked fish can trigger a headache. Also, there are certain packaged food items which don’t suit a few people.

Certain people also get headaches after consumption of fizzy drinks or after intake of artificial sweeteners. Similarly, alcoholic beverages tend to trigger headaches in many people. Caffeine is another product one needs to pay attention to.

While some people get a headache after having caffeinated products, there are some who suffer from headaches due to sudden increase or decrease of caffeine intake.

Along with paying attention to what you should eat and what you should avoid, you also need to focus on dietary habits. Don’t skip meals as that can lead to acidity which in turn can trigger headaches. Also, eat a well balanced and a nutritious diet to not only prevent headaches, but to also keep your overall body healthy and fit.

The food that can trigger a headache differs from person to person and thus one needs to identify his trigger to prevent the problem.

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