Healing Dry and Cracked Feet & Heels

Healing Dry and Cracked Feet & Heels

Healing Dry and Cracked Feet & Heels - Preventing Dry and Cracked Feet & Heels - How to Treat Dry and Cracked Feets - Dry and Cracked Feet | Tips on - Find TipsCracked heels are common in people having dry skin. It is also called heel fissures. It is mostly found in between two types of skin and the common area is on the sides and bottom of the foot. Callus is formed on the foot skin where more friction happens and is likely to crack on exerting pressure while walking or doing exercise.

Causes of Cracked Heels

1. Over weight is one of the reasons for having cracked heel. As weight increases the weight on the foot pad also increases and it leads to the expansion of the foot pad to sides. If the skin on the sides of the foot is not flexible and soft the increased pressure may cause crack in the skin.

2. Works that demands sustained standing on hard floors also causes cracks in legs.

3. If you are wearing an open back shoes then is more chance for the fat deposits under the foot skin to expand side ways and increased pressure may leads to cracks.

4. Certain diseases like hypothyroid, diabetics etc may cause dryness to the skin and which in turn leads to cracks in the foot.

Treatment for Cracked Heel

1. Soak your cracked feet in a luke warm water mixed with mild soap or any other soothing foot product. Practice this daily before your bed time.

2. Mix one cup of honey with 4 liters of water and dip your feet in that water for 15 minutes. Honey can help you to moisturize your skin and it has antiseptic properties too. So honey may work better on your bleeding foot.

3. Scrub your feet gently with a loofah or with a pumice stone to remove the dead cells from the foot. Don’t make vigorous rubbing on your cracked feet as it may worsen the problem.

4. A mixture of one teaspoon Vaseline and juice extract from one lemon can work magically on your foot. Apply this mixture on your dry foot and rub gently over the cracks. Allow the skin to take in the mixture.

5. Apply medications like foot ointments or creams on your cracked foot. Creams that are not oily or that do not have alcoholic ingredients and that do not have any odor may the best ones. Creams that can protect the skin with paraffin and glycerin are also ideal.

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