Health Benefits From Sunshine

Health Benefits From Sunshine

Health Benefits From Sunshine - Vitamin D And Disease Prevention - Vitamin D Benefits » Get Yourself The Sunshine MiracleNot many people would have thought that getting their daily dose of sunshine could actually be a miracle let alone a cure for many of their health ailments. Yet, scientific research and global news agencies are increasingly emphasizing just this very fact: that people who ensure they are out in the sun every day tend to suffer reduced risks for cardiac disorders, blood sugar and blood pressure fluctuations besides having a happier disposition – all because of the benefits of vitamin D, which is found in sunshine and not in any capsule supplements.

If you too could avail these health benefits only from stepping out in the sun everyday and put an end to pill-popping to keep a certain quality of life, wouldn’t you want to learn how exactly vitamin D can help you? Yes, we know you would! Therefore, we’ve brought you the latest updates on minimizing various health risk factors like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high BP that can be fixed with a daily dose of vitamin D.

Studies reveal that persons with inadequate vitamin D levels were twice as likely to suffer strokes, heart attacks and other related complications of a cardiac nature as compared to those who went out in the sun daily. This is because vitamin D deficiency is now being recognized as an emerging cardiovascular risk factor eliminator after scientific screening of those having gone without it has shown daily exposure to natural sources of vitamin D is essential to treatment for the previous lack, which resulted in various lifestyle diseases, like those mentioned above.

If researcher at the Mid America Heart Institute (Kansas City), James H. O’Keefe, (also a medical doctor) is to be quoted, “preventive cardiology depends a lot on daily dose of vitamin D and healthy eating, living and thinking positive. Vitamin D is so accessible, simple, safe and inexpensive that I recommend it for everyone who wants to avoid its deficiency-related diseases.”

You too can avail of vitamin D benefits by soaking up some sun minus sunscreen use (even creams with SPF 15 block out essential sunlight, including vitamin D daily dose, so don’t use this for a short period every morning when you’re out in the sun) and allow for vitamin D synthesis by the skin naturally!

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