Health Benefits Of Acai Berry

Health Benefits Of Acai Berry

Health Benefits Of Acai Berry - Side Effects Of Acai Berry Supplements » Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Acai BerryThe nutritional and health benefits of Acai berries have been a subject of research in the laboratories for a long time. Acai berry is a grape-like fruit that is borne by Acai palm tree found in some regions of South America. Apart from having nutritional values, this berry had also found its place as traditional folk medicine since ancient times.

Acai berry is said to possess properties that can give benefits in many health conditions such as weight loss, cancer, and can also fight signs of aging. Research is still on to cultivate the various health benefits of the Acai berries.

The nutritional value of Acai Berry

Acai berry has many nutrients. It is composed of 52 percent carbohydrates, 33 percent fat and is enriched with lots of fiber. The berry is also rich in calcium and iron and vitamins A, B1 and C. This tiny fruit is stuffed with anthocyanins, flavonoids, amino acids, fatty acids, sterols and other nutrients.

Researchers identify cyanidin, a phytochemical which is responsible for the red, blue and purple hue of Acai berry including other berries. This cyanidin in Acai berry can be found in the highest proportion in its outer skin as compared to other berries. Cyanidin has an antioxidant property that is much richer than that of vitamin C or E.

The Beneficial properties of Acai Berry

Anti-oxidant property:

Acai Berry has a huge antioxidant property that helps remove free radicals from the body that are the harmful byproducts of metabolism and which are otherwise responsible for increasing risks of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This berry contains much more antioxidants than other berries like raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, cranberry, or blueberry etc.

Helps in Cancer:

In a research conducted when extracts from Acai berry were passed on to human leukemia cells, it was observed that the cancerous cells stopped growing and eventually died. It was claimed by the research that the extract enhanced the biological process called apoptosis which led to the death of the cancerous cells. But this needs further researches and cultivation.

Anti-inflammatory property:

Acai berry has an anti-inflammatory property that can suppress the enzymes called cyclo-oxygenases which are responsible for enhancing inflammation in various tissues. These enzymes therefore promote autoimmune disorders involving inflammation like spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. and thus Acai berry can be useful in preventing such inflammation related
autoimmune diseases.

Helps prevent heart disease:

Acai berry contains monounsaturated fatty acids same as olive oil. Monounsaturated fatty acids help prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Monounsaturated fatty acid is also known to lower cholesterol levels.

Helps reduce wrinkle:

It is claimed that acai berry is an almost perfect amino acid complex and this is vital in the regeneration of skin. Thus it is claimed that acai berries with its amino acids and anti-oxidant properties can be helpful in reducing wrinkles. But this sector needs further researches.

Forms of Acai Berry available

Acai berry is available in the form of juice, powder and dietary supplements. Acai berry is also said to be gradually forming a leading ingredient in facial creams that claim reduction and prevention of wrinkles by preventing free radicals from getting attached to the skin cells.

Acai Berry Supplements

Acai berry dietary supplements mainly come in forms of capsule and tablet. The supplement manufacturers suggest the daily intake of acai berry supplements to be 1000 mg. once or twice. Supplements can be found for various purposes according to one’s need like supplements for weight loss, for detoxification of the body, for arthritis, for high cholesterol etc.

Depending on the product purpose, the manufacturers recommend different directions of using them, like say for weight loss program, it is suggested to take the particular acai berry supplement at least 30 minutes before your diet with a glass of water so that the consumer eats less at the meal.

Also the exact and appropriate dosage of acai supplements depends and varies from person to person depending on their needs, their age and overall health. It should be remembered that acai berry and acai berry supplements are still under scientific scrutiny and should be consumed after consulting your medical supervisor.

Side effects of Acai Berry supplements

Though Acai berry has many nutritional and health benefits, there can be some side-effects. Acai berry supplements may contain preservatives and sometimes they may not contain pure form of acai berry and hence can be detrimental for health.


Those having pollen allergy or sensitive to acai palm may experience allergic reactions. If you have pollen allergy to allergenic to certain fruits, it is favourable to go for an allergy test before consuming acai berries or any acai products or acai berry supplements.

Acai berry supplements contain some added ingredients including caffeine which can cause headache, stomach ache etc. Caffeine is added in acai berry supplements meant for weight loss where the main function of caffeine is to suppress appetite.

Toxic on overdose:

Acai berry can get toxic if consumed too much. You must be aware of the components of each supplement because acai berry is rich in minerals and overdose can become toxic.

Effect on stomach:

The fiber content in acai berry is high and hence can act as a laxative. Therefore when taken in greater amounts, it may remove the waste by making the stool soft and this may lead to sudden diarrhea and can also cause painful stomach cramps.

Weight loss:

Acai supplements meant for quick weight loss programs are useful but are also associated with loss of important electrolytes from the body while detoxifying. Hence a lot of water should be taken both during and after using any acai product meant for the purpose.

Harmful with other medicines:

Acai berry supplements can be harmful when taken with other medications. Though this sector have not been researched enough, but high amounts of consumption of acai supplements with other medicines may turn harmful because high anti-oxidant properties of acai which has anti-inflammatory properties can become additive when taken with anti-inflammatory medications.

However, it cannot be denied that researches about the benefits and risks of acai berry and acai berry supplements have been few till date and there is very few evidence of its medical benefits as claimed in folklore. The whole sector requires more research. Hence before taking acai berry products one should consult with one’s doctor without being carried away by the claims made by the manufacturers in the labels of different acai products.

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