Health Benefits of Alfalfa

Health Benefits of Alfalfa

Health Benefits of Alfalfa - Benefits of Alfalfa - Alfalfa & Its Health Benefits - Alfalfa | Tips on - Find TipsAlfalfa is a herb from the pea family, also known as Lucerne or Medicago Sativa, is mostly found in Asia and Mediterranean region. Alfalfa sprouts are very good. It is mostly used in dried form and is magnificent in digestive problems. The Arabs called it the “father of all foods”.

Below are given some of the health benefits of alfalfa:

- Alfalfa reduces bad cholesterol levels, especially Type II hyperlipoproteinemia. It is full of chemicals and fibers that help the good cholesterol to retain it.

- Some enzymes found in alfalfa such as amylase, emulsin, invertase, pectinase and protase help in digestion problems by acting upon starches and sugar levels. The enzymes help to digest proteins and fats in the food.

- Alfalfa is a rich source for Vitamin U (found in vegetables like cabbage). This vitamin helps to cure peptic ulcers and colitis.

- Alfalfa contains Vitamin E which protects the cells from damage. It improves the immune system and strengthens the blood vessels.

- Alfalfa contains chemicals which help to secrete excessive water content from the body. It has “mild diuretic properties” which reduces swelling caused due to excessive water consumption.

- Alfalfa contains Vitamin B6 which helps to digest the fat accumulations in the body. It also improves the overall skin health.

- Alfalfa contains chlorophyll which protects the tissues from bacterial invasions. The chlorophyll acts as a barrier.

- Alfalfa contains Vitamin A which helps to promote healthy skin. It improves visibility and acts as a barrier to infections.

- Alfalfa has high protein content which helps to strengthen the body muscles and therefore, restricts the onset of weakness. The protein improves the overall well being.

- Minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, silicon magnesium, and sodium are found in Alfalfa. The minerals perform various functions such as helping bone formation, increasing hemoglobin content in blood, dissolve fats, reduces the blood sugar levels, cleanses the body from impurities and solves constipation.

Dosage of alfalfa depends on doctor’s prescription.

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