Health Benefits Of Cabbages

Health Benefits Of Cabbages

Health Benefits Of Cabbages - Benefits Of Cabbages - Cabbage Health Benefits - Cabbages | Tips on - Find TipsSome of the health benefits of cabbages are as follows:

- Indoles, a nitrogenous compound found in cabbage, can reduce the risk of cancer as indicated by new researchers. Indoles convert estradiol into safer enzymes that do not increase the breast cancer cells. Chinese and Japanese eat cabbages to a large extent; therefore, they have less chances of prostrate cancer.

- Cabbages are good for obese people as it has lower calorie count: 15 calories in one cup.

- Cabbages are a storehouse of vitamins: vitamin C helps to burn fat; vitamin E fats maintain the skin texture; vitamin A protects eyes and vitamin B increases metabolism rate.

- Cabbages produce antibodies and thus keep the immune system healthy. Fresh cabbage juices cure stomach ulcers and fungal infections.

- Cabbages protect human body from deadly infections by killing bacteria and viruses.

- Cabbages purify blood and helps in muscle building.

- Cabbages functions in keeping the body safe from free radicals as it produces phytonutrients. Green cabbages have less phytonutrients as compared to the red cabbages.

- Cabbages detoxify the body from impurities by producing antioxidants and other detox enzymes with the help of sulforaphanes. An antioxidant known as anthocyanins is produced by red cabbages which has the qualities to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

- Cabbages reduce cholesterol levels thus protecting from heart ailments.

- Bok choy, a type of cabbage, helps in curing osteoporosis as it is an important source of calcium.

- As a source of vitamin C, cabbages help in curing scurvy, cold, infections, ulcers, wounds, injuries, ageing and normal wear and tear of the body.

- As a source of fibers, cabbages are rich in roughage which helps in systematic bowel movement and in removing constipation.

- As a source of iodine, cabbage helps in the proper functioning of the brain cell and the nervous system.

- The sulphur content in cabbages helps to fight against microbial infections.

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