Health Benefits of Corn

Health Benefits of Corn

Health Benefits of Corn - Benefits of Corn - Corn - Pop Corn - Corn Salad - Corn Recipes » Health Benefits of CornMany of us know that as a vegetable, corn can be served in a variety of delicious ways. But very few of us are aware of the fact that corn is a highly nutritious food item which can provide numerous health benefits. It has been found that including corn in one’s diet can help in protecting problems of the heart, kidney and stomach amongst others. Thus, corn is one of those rare vegetables which provide taste along with health benefits.

Corn is rich in a variety of essential nutrients like vitamin B1 which is useful in the metabolism of carbohydrates, vitamin B5 which helps in psychological functions, Vitamin C and is also rich in folate which helps in the generation of new cells. It has been found that eating corn can enhance one’s mental and psychological functions due to its high content of thiamine. Moreover, the consumption of corn can also help in the prevention of fatigue as it contains beta-carotene which increases the supply of hemoglobin in the body. Since corn contains a good amount of fiber, it helps in lowering the cholesterol levels along with helping in reducing the risk of colon cancer. Fiber is also useful in lowering of blood sugar levels of the body and thus, corn proves beneficial for diabetic patients.

Along with providing numerous health benefits, corn is also helpful for the overall health of one’s hair and skin. It has been found that consuming corn daily can help in the strengthening of hair follicles due to its powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and lycopene. These also help in keeping one’s skin healthy and smooth. Corn has numerous health benefits along with possessing a delicious taste of its own. One should thus make it a point to add corn to one’s diet as corn can be prepared in a variety of ways thereby helping in providing health with taste.

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