Health Benefits Of Dietary supplements & Weight Gain Supplements

Health Benefits Of Dietary supplements & Weight Gain Supplements

If you’re serious about fitness, you’ll probably need to use some depending on your objectives. If you want to gain muscular body weight, it’s a fact that you need to eat every three to four hours for quick results. It’s also true that the foods you eat should be nutritious and help in packing on the muscle.

If thought vada pavs,  maharaja macs and pizza will help, think again. The body building diet revolves around eggs, milk, curds, sprouts, salads and lean meats. It’s hard to get in these foods every three to four hours if you’ve got a hectic work life. A protein or meal replacement shake can provide you quick and healthy calories with minimum fuss. All you got to do is add milk or water to the powder and you’ve done your bit. The rest is up to your body.

But don’t go overboard on the and shake. One to two servings of 30-40 grams each should be enough for most of you. If you go overboard on the stuff you risk a bad stomach and gas, not a fun condition to have. Remember, food is still the best nutritional bet you have, so don’t avoid or reduce solid meals. Supplements are exactly as the name suggests, opt for a supplement only if you can’t eat a wholesome meal for whatever reason.

Mass gainers are suitable for underweight people who don’t mind some extra sugar and fat in their diet. Mass gainers generally have more fat and sugars to promote by increasing secretion of insulin. Too much sugar is not a good idea, so even if you’re healthy, limit mass-gainer drinks to 30-40 gm a day. Creatine has been shown to increase size and strength due to its water retention properties. It’s important to drink 10-15 glasses of water daily when using creatine.

Also don’t use more than 10 grams a day for over two months. Apart from these, Glutamine is also excellent for those who want to lose fat but maintain muscle when on a definition cycle. Five grams after workouts is fine. To lose weight, your supplementation should be slightly different. There’s a few good protein or meal replacement drinks that give you a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals with fewer calories. Also, cut down on your sugar intake.

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