Health Benefits Of Onions

Health Benefits Of Onions

Health Benefits Of Onions - Benefits of Onions - Medicinal Qualities of Onions - Onions as Medicines | Tips on - Find TipsOnions (allium cepa), is one of the most important horticultural crop in the world after tomatoes. They belong to the ‘lily’ family like leeks, garlic and shallots; and according to sources, onions have more than 120 usage. Onions have been in use since the ancient civilizations around the world and its medicinal qualities have not gone unheeded.

Onions can be eaten in any form- cooked, raw or roasted- and used in thousands of multiple cuisines. It comes in variety of colours such as white, green, red and yellow.

Some of the benefits of onions are:

- Onions are rich in thio-sulfinates which contain anti- microbial properties which means it is effective against bacteria’s such as E Coli and Salmonella.

- Chinese use onions as medicines to cure coughs, angina, bacteria and some breathing issues. Similarly early Americans used onions to treat cough, cold, and asthma.

- Onions cure bronchitis as per World Health Organization. Its components give relief to ‘bronchial spasms’.

- The fructo- oligosaccharides found in onions combat against the bacteria found usually in colon, thereby reducing the risk of colon tumors.

- Onions are very good for heart because they contain flavonoids which provide protection against heart diseases.

- Onions also help in the clotting of blood (due to its sulfur content), lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids and ‘platelet- clumping’.

- Onion provides a natural protection against cancer. People with high concentration of onions in their diet are less prone to cancer.

- When women become succumb to osteoporosis during menopause, onion helps to reduce the bone loss by a considerable amount.

- Onion helps to control blood sugar levels. It contains chromium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C- all three affects the cells which in turn respond to insulin levels.

So you see, apart from tasting delicious in foods, onions contain many medicinal value of which some are provided above. Some people do not eat onions because of the smell it leaves in the mouth. Well, pop a chewing gum but having onions, even if it’s little, is a must.

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