Health Benefits Of Sea Salt

Health Benefits Of Sea Salt

Health Benefits Of Sea Salt - Benefit of Sea Salt - Sea Salt Health Benefits - Health Properties of Sea Salt | Tips on - Find TipsThough we are made aware of the harmful properties of sea water, in reality, sea salt is a treasure trove of health benefits. Human body contains 75% of water and this water content is saline in taste.

Some of the health benefits of sea salt are as follows:

- It extracts acidic properties from the brain cells.

- It is necessary for diabetic patients because it balances the blood sugar levels.

- Brain requires salt to process information and helps the nerve cells to communicate.

- Salt absorbs necessary food particulars from the intestines.

- During asthma, salt is needed to clear the lungs from mucus accumulation. It also helps patients having cystic fibroids.

- Salt prevents muscle cramps and contains antihistamines which help to cure allergies.

- Salt regulates blood pressure and is an essential component for stabilizing “irregular heartbeats”.

- Salt generates “hydroelectric energy in cells”.

- Presence of salt in blood is important to keep diseases at bay. As Jesus in the Gospel of Mark says: “Salt is good…therefore, have salt in yourselves and live at peace, one with another.”

- When sea water evaporates, the salt that it leaves behind is essential to maintain electrolytes in the body.

- Table salt is more harmful to sea salt; an opinion contrary to our beliefs. When sea salt is processed in kilns, all minerals, potassium, magnesium and calcium are removed in a bid to make the refined salt devoid of moisture. The table salt so formed is unnatural and is the root cause of problems such as eczema and high blood pressure.

- Sea salt bath therapy re-energizes the cells.

- Salt therapy or Spelotherapy has been in use for thousand of years. In this, the person is kept in salt mines to breathe fresh salt air. It cures asthma, bronchitis and numerous other respiratory diseases.

Refined salt should be used to the bare minimum, especially it should not be used raw over foods.

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