Health Benefits Of Smoking Cessation

Health Benefits Of Smoking Cessation

Health Benefits Of Smoking Cessation - How To Quit Smoking & Ways To Stop Smoking » Smoking Cessation – A Must For Healthy LivingExcessive use of tobacco in its many forms is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Such deaths are a global phenomena and the surprising fact is that they are continuously on the rise, although governments across the world are continuously using various ways of helping people beat the tobacco addiction, but to little or no avail.

Why say no to tobacco?

You might or might not be a tobacco addict, but some of the adverse effects of tobacco intake are common knowledge. Tobacco use is one of the common causes of cancer of lungs, throat, kidney, bladder, mouth and lip. If you are a habitual tobacco user, you are also face a gradual hardening and narrowing of the arteries, a scenario that can cause heart disease and also decrease circulation.

Pregnant women who smoke expose their unborn infant to various health risks, which can lead to an underweight or premature baby and also sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

If you think it’s just the direct intake of tobacco that’s harmful, think again. Even if you are exposed to it indirectly, like in the case second hand smoke, you will suffer from a range of health risks; some of these can be pretty serious. This is why it’s necessary to avoid tobacco. If you don’t use tobacco, but your friend does, your job will be to help him/her stop using this substance in all its forms.

Avoiding it like the plague

If plague takes human form, and walks towards you, what are you going to do – Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction? Apply the same sort of thinking to tobacco. Avoid it like you would the plague.

If you are already addicted to its use, no prizes for guessing that you need to take steps to kick this habit at any cost. It’s going to be difficult, but well worth the effort. The benefits of avoiding tobacco well outweigh the advantages of using it.

Your decision to quit smoking might be one of the most important decisions that you will take in your life time. This is an individual decision and only you are responsible for it and its only commitment that will help make this decision successful.

Increasing your chances of quitting smoking

As they say “It’s all in the head”. So, you are likelier to stop smoking if some specific thoughts are swirling in your mind. If you are worried that smoking is going to cause a specific health risk, your mind is better prepared to stop smoking. Also, if you are honest about your quit smoking endeavor, you increase your chances of quitting smoking. More importantly, your decision will work only if you think that the benefits of smoking cessation far outweigh the benefits of smoking.

Taking the decision but preparing for it

You can’t just take a decision and hope to stand by it. Its going to be difficult for you to take the decision on Monday, that you are going to quit smoking starting Tuesday. It’s going to be difficult to do that. So what you seriously need to do is plan your smoking cessation endeavor. You need to have a quit by date in place and work towards it.

Talking to people who have quit

You need to talk to the people who have actively begun the process of quitting smoking. This will help you understand the various ins and outs of the quit smoking decision and what are the areas that are going to prove to be difficult. You are thus prepared to meet them head on.

You don’t just need to take a decision to quit smoking but you need to take an informed decision. Knowing about what you are getting into is a huge step ahead when it comes to quitting smoking.

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