Health Benefits Of Soy Milk

Health Benefits Of Soy Milk

Health Benefits Of Soy Milk - Soy Milk Nutrition - Calcium And Protein-Rich Soymilk » Health Benefits Of Soy MilkMany people, who have lactose intolerance and are unable to drink cow’s milk, move towards the healthy alternative of consuming soy milk. However, many people are now moving towards this healthy alternative due to various health benefits attached with it. Given below are some reasons why soy milk should be consumed as first choice, not only because of lactose intolerance.

The major reason for the growing popularity of soy milk is due to lack of lactose in these products. Further, soy milk have numerous nutritional and health benefits. Soy milk and soy foods are good sources of protein, and are also rich in various important nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and E.

Moreover, soy milk is also a good source of potassium, iron and zinc along with being good source of calcium and vitamin D which in turn helps in the health and strength of bones. While the saturated fats in cow’s milk can increase your cholesterol, soy protein can in fact decrease cholesterol. Being a diet of low saturated fat and cholesterol, soy milk and products are good for the overall health of your heart. Another unique and important benefit of soy milk is that it is rich in isoflavones.

Isoflavones in turn have numerous health benefits as it helps in reduction of cholesterol, eases menopausal symptoms, prevents osteoporosis and also helps in reducing risk of various cancers like those of prostate and breast cancer. Soy milk also rich in fibers and thus provides benefits of fibers too. Soy milk contains vegetable proteins which have the advantage of causing less loss of calcium through kidneys. However, despite this fact, soy milk has only about a quarter of calcium as compared to cow’s milk.

Thus, along with leveraging various benefits of soy milk, one should also remember to increase one’s calcium intake through other natural diet for a healthy mind and body.

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