Health Benefits of Sprouts

Health Benefits of Sprouts

Health Benefits of Sprouts - How to Grow Sprouts – Benefits of Eating Sprouts | Tips on - Find TipsSprouts are the only thing which can grow in any climate without any sunshine or soil. Sprouts are economical to grow and do not require any chemical sprays. They are rich in minerals and vitamins. Sprouts require minimal space, even a jug will do, and it grows fully within 3 days.

Sprouts could be had just like that or used as an ingredient in foods and salads. Bean sprouts are the most common type of sprout. Some of the benefits of sprouts are:

- Sprouts are full of bio-genic nutrition which helps a human to function properly by regenerating the cells. According to Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, sprouts should make at least 25% of our food intake.

- Sprouts are a rich source of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They prevent the body form ‘radical damages’ formed in our body through additives, cooking oils, preservatives, artificial colours etc. Intake of these creates a ‘chain reaction’ in the form of unstable oxygen molecules which stick to healthy cells causing problems.

- Daily consumption of sprouts prevents cancer by supplying adequate amount of oxygen. It is only when the oxygen levels are low that cancer cells grow but in a oxygen rich internal body environment kills the bacteria, virus and the cancer cells.

- Sprouts have high alkaline concentration which strengthens the immune system. Also sprouts are a good option for maintaining body weight.

- Sprouts can also combat anemia as it is a chlorophyll rich food. It maintains the normal body functions and gives relief to women from menstrual flushes.

- Due to its high protein content, sprouts can be utilized as an alternative to meat protein. Sprouts are much better than mean in terms of price, cholesterol levels and other health benefits. They are also rich in fiber content.

Sprouts are a healthy life force. They are easily grown and are much better than other types of food. Sprouts can be had at any time with anything.

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