Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Health Benefits of Tai Chi - Popular Forms of Tai Chi: Yan Style, Wu Family Style, Chen Style | Tips on - Find TipsTai Chi is a Chinese soft martial-arts which is practiced for health benefits as well as for self-defense. Though there are numerous styles of this method of calisthenics, most trace back their origin to the five main schools of Tai Chi : Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun. Irrespective of their styles, all of these forms contribute to the improvement of our health. Research supports its effectiveness as a therapy which is beneficial to the overall wellness. More and more people are reportedly reaping the benefits of this slow and graceful method; some quite startling while others less but consistent ones.

How does this work ?

Tai Chi has a three point perspective : it involves health, meditation and martial arts. Training oneself in Tai chi helps the mind to relieve itself from the stress of today’s hectic schedule and function better in a difficult situation. A set of very simple movements helps one to achieve a balance and peace of mind. It not only improves the functioning of the internal organs and better breathing but also helps gain more strength, flexibility and stamina. The meditative aspect of Tai chi helps develop better focus and calmness. The martial arts facet of Tai chi is a form of self-defense which attempts to study a suitable change to an incoming external attack and not meet it with a force.

Some popular forms of modern Tai chi

Yan style : This is the most popular and widely practiced form of martial arts today. It is a variation of the Tai Ji Quan form which refers to the opposite forces of Yin and Yang to be the foundation of creation. It uses the principle of the “soft” overcoming the “hard”.

Wu family style : It is the second most popular form of Tai chi in the world. This form focuses on the horse stance training and use of hands and weapons to grapple, throw, tumble, jump, use pressure points in addition to fencing and sparring.

Chen style : This is the oldest of all forms of Tai chi chuan and is attested to be the original Tai chi. In terms of popularity, this ranks third among all other forms. It uses lower stances, bursts of sudden jabs with soft flowing movements.

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