Health Benefits Of Thyme

Health Benefits Of Thyme

Health Benefits Of Thyme - Three Types of Thyme - Species of Thymes Available - Uses of Thyme | Tips on - Find TipsThyme is a very popular herb which was in use since the times of ancient Egyptians. The name is taken from a Greek word (apparently ‘thumus’) which means ‘to fumigate’. It emits a sweet aroma that enhances the fragrance in foods.

Ancient people considered thyme to be a symbol of courage, elegance, a remedy for melancholy and vitality!

Thyme can be cultivated in temperate climates such as those of Spain, Mediterranean and Asia Minor countries. It can be grown at home too. Little rocky land and plenty of sunlight is what it needs.

It is grown in three types- variegated, broad-leaved and narrow-leaved.

There are around more than 300 species of thymes available. Owing to the variety of its cultivation, it is known by many names such as Highland Cream, Silver Queen, Lemon Cued, Rainbow falls etc. The flowers of thyme plants produce nectar which attracts honey bees by thousands.

Some of the health benefits and uses of thyme are:

- Thyme helps to cure chest problems, coughs and bronchitis too.

- ‘Thymol’ is a recent discovery in thyme. It helps to cure wounds, injuries, ulcers. Thymol is a very effective disinfectant and protects from putrefaction. For this reason, it is a good method to disinfect sick rooms of all the bacteria. Add Thymol to milk or gelatin to store for months.

- Thyme fights against bacteria such as E Coli, shigella sonnei and staphalococcus aureus.

- The flavor of thyme is like tat of camphor. Dried thyme is used to flavor soups, vegetables, baked foods and even on casseroles. Common thyme and Lemon thyme are the ones used for culinary purposes whereas Creeping thyme and Spanish thyme are mostly for medicinal usage.

- Dry thyme is used as a moth repellant too.

- Thyme essential oil is used to cure pain and stress through aromatherapy. Doctors also recommend thyme baths to relax us from joint pains. The oil is frequently used in toothpastes for teeth and gum protection.

Thus far, thyme has been known not to have any side effects.

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