Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes - Benefits Of Tomatoes - Tomatoes Health Benefits - Nutritional Benefits Of Tomatoes - Eating Benefits Tomatoes » Health benefits of tomatoesTomatoes are stellar sources of vitamins A and C, folate, fiber, potassium and all kinds of protective antioxidants. Organic tomatoes are much better as they are grown without chemicals. Tomatoes contains higher amount of flavonoids which not only have antioxidant but anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties too. Here are the reasons for incorporating tomatoes in your diet.

Tomatoes lower the blood pressure level. So try snacking with it daily morning. It effectively keeps the blood pressure in check. People with mild hypertension who feed themselves with daily dose of tomatoes saw their systolic blood pressure dropping by 10 points and their diastolic blood pressure dropping by four points on an average. Isn’t this great news!

If you are deficient in carteniods, drinking up a tomato juice can bump up the ability of fending off bacteria and viruses. So, inculcate tomatoes juice in your diet to keep the colds and flu at bay. It will always keep you away from sore throats and sneezing problem.

Do you know that this thinned skinned fruit can effectively save you from sunburns? It has been proved that people who include lycopene –rich tomato paste in their diets for at least 10 weeks get much less intense sunburns. It acts a natural sunscreen for any age group or sex.

Tomatoes also keep a good check on your cholesterol level. Trust me, a tomato a day can keep you away from artery and heart problems by keeping your cholesterol level in balanced state. Mind it; the four weeks of daily tomato munching can increase good HDL cholesterol by 15 percent.

Tomatoes are rich in two amazing anti-aging free-radical squelchers: lyopene and bet carotene. This anti-aging effect of tomatoes gets enhanced when eaten up with little amount of fat or heated/cooked up.

So what more you waiting for? Just go and relish this healthy fruit.

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