Health Hazards Of Smoking

Health Hazards Of Smoking

Health Hazards Of Smoking - Health Effects Of Smoking - How To Quit Smoking » Smoking Is A Health Hazard Consider QuittingTry and try again till you get it right. But the decision has to come from you in the first place. Is there any need to dwell on the ill effects of smoking? Once you have sorted out all the information and come to the decision that quitting is what you want make sure you get the next level of help you will need. Family, friends, and the medical community are there to assist you. Here is a game plan you may wish to go over.

If you have already decided to quit put it down on paper in the form of consolidating your thoughts. This will help you in focusing. You may wish to place these notes in places that they are seen every day. This helps in reinforcing your goals. Have you ever sat down and calculated just how much money you will save. Do it. So how much was it in a year did you save by quitting? Some times setting a special date for the quitting helps though not necessary.

Withdrawal simptoms are varied, but be prepared for some mood swings. It’s always the first few days, which are difficult. Nicotine is thoroughly eliminated from ones system within 3 days. It is highly recommended that you drink plenty of water to help flush the system out. Avoid places where you hung out to smoke like the pub or your buddies who have still not decided to quit. Exercise in some form is also recommended if nothing else do some walking.

Prepare your self for things that may trigger feelings for wanting to smoke again. Never fear failure. So if you do fail, but are committed to giving up, just start all over a gain. Remember there are no short cuts. Some people think they will smoke at the party today and go back to their non smoking with out a problem.

Well actually, there are some people who can do that, but are you one? Giving up is really a one time experience. Sadly it takes more than one time to achieve that and hence the commitment on your part in the first place. Remember it’s a decision you have taken to improve your life style. Remind your self with notes you made of the benefits of quitting. Remind your self of the money saved. Lastly remind your self that’s it what you want.

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