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Health Items

Health Items - Summer Vocation - Gastrointestinal, Diarrheal, Allergic, Sickness Medications » List of health items to be taken for holiday tripPlanning a summer vocation can be very tricky and tiresome. No matter whichever destination you choose to roam around, the only way you can enjoy your break would be by keeping yourself in best of your health. Here are the lists of some important health related items that you take along for sure to have a great holiday.

Always carry your prescription medications along with you at least for a week’s supply.

Carry gastrointestinal medications like anti-diarrheal medication, mild laxative etc in your bag.

Carry motion sickness medications.

Include cold –symptom medications, plus decongestants along with throat lozenges, if you planning to leave for a chill weather.

Don’t ever forget to carry pain relievers which can be used at the time of emergencies.

Make sure your bag includes both anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal ointments, in case any skin ailment occurs.

Carry lubricating eyes drops also with other eye drops that you regularly take for your eye problem.

Carry allergic medications like creams for mild allergic reactions. If anybody from your family has a history of some severe allergic reaction; make sure you carry epinephrine auto-injector for them.

Also, take along the anti –malarial medications and antibiotics for moderate to severe diarrhea treatment.

Check your first aid box for items like adhesive bandages, gauze, antiseptics, tweezers, scissors, elastic bandage cotton –tipped applicators and a handy first aid book.

You can also take some medications depending upon your destination holiday your personal medical history.

Everyone from your grandma to your grandson traveling on a holiday can carry their own water bottles along with different kinds of snacks, alcohol based hand sanitizer and oral rehydration salt packets that can be used at the time of diarrhoea.

If you planned an outing with your little infant, make sure you carry diaper rash ointment, baby formula and other kind of necessary medications that fit in the criteria.

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