Health longevity

Health longevity

Health longevity - Drinking of alcohol - Benefits of vegetarianism - Healthy lifestyle » Lifestyle Can Increase LongevityThe quest for longevity never seems to end. Researchers at the University of Cambridge along with researchers from the Medical Research Council have been busy questioning over 20,000 people and studying their lifestyle over as period of time. The people studied were in the age group of 45 to 79. the ultimate analysis of the study is that vegetarianism coupled by moderate drinking of alcohol can increase your lifespan by as much as 14 years.

Now vegetarianism is considered to be a very healthy lifestyle. However drinking can counter the good effects of eating greens quite adversely. But some researchers are of the opinion that alcohol, when taken in moderation, can prove to have beneficial effects on people. Scientists quip in jest that alcohol is a very good preservative indeed.

A member of the research team stated that people are constantly looking for proof of a certain ‘good’ lifestyle before following it. How much more proof do they need before they will begin doing something about improving their lifestyle? All they need are a few very minor changes in their lifestyle to make a great improvement.

For instance they can begin by giving up consuming canned or processed foods. The chemical that go into preserving these food stuffs can do more harm that the good the nutrients of the food can do. Then there is the habitual eating of junk food that does a great deal of harm. So they need to first, stop eating processed food, then lay off the junk food and turn to fresh vegetables and fruit along with a generous quantity of water taken daily.

These three changes in lifestyle coupled by a healthy walk for an hour every evening or morning will do wonders for ones longevity.

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