Health Precautions during Monsoon

Health Precautions during Monsoon

Health Precautions during Monsoon - Foods To Avoid In Monsoon - How to Stay Fit in Monsoon » Monsoon Eating TipsWith the advent of rains and monsoons, there is a threat of various infections, especially water borne problems. Thus, it is necessary for you to take the necessary preventive tips to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Many of us have the habit of eating spicy food from roadsides. However, you must strictly avoid eating street food during the monsoon time as that can lead to various infections and ailments.

This is because germs and bacteria often take birth in rainy seasons and food items kept in open are most vulnerable to infections. Thus, refrain from eating out.

Along with avoiding street food, you also need to pay attention to the kind of food you eat during the monsoon season. Green leafy vegetables are good for health but they should be thoroughly washed and cleansed before consumption.

According to medical experts, you must try to avoid intake of cut fruits and salads during the rainy season. Steaming vegetables and cooking them before consumption is always better than eating them raw, especially during monsoons.

Pay attention to the quantity of food you cook. Ideally, you should avoid intake of stale food and thus you must try to cook only that much of food that can be consumed in one meal.

If some food is left, you must refrigerate it and not leave it in open. Along with food, pay attention to your drinking habits too. You should try to drink filtered or boiled water to prevent water borne diseases.

Along with the above given eating tips, you must also pay equal attention to your personal hygiene. Make it a healthy habit to wash your hands before eating.

Also, try not to have stagnant water in or near your house.
Thus, follow the above given eating tips to remain healthy and fit in monsoons.

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