Healthy Blood Pressure

Healthy Blood Pressure

Healthy Blood Pressure - Tips To Control Blood Pressure - High Blood Pressure Diet » Tips for a Healthy Blood PressureWhen we talk of blood pressure, we generally talk about high blood pressure or low blood pressure. But, for healthy living, we need a healthy blood pressure. The given limit for healthy blood pressure is 12/80 mm Hg. However, maintaining this perfect figure is not that easy.

It can fluctuate in lower or higher direction. However, you need to ensure that your blood pressure never crosses 140/90 mm Hg. Given below are some tips which can help you attain an optimum blood pressure for healthy living.

To have a healthy blood pressure, you need to have a healthy weight. Exercising for only 30 minutes every day can help you lose weight which in turn will help you lower your blood pressure. Keep yourself active and don’t live a sedentary life. If nothing else, at least walk for half an hour every day as that not only lowers your blood pressure, but also keeps your entire body in perfect shape and health. Exercise and physical activity needs to be complemented with proper and healthy diet.

Avoid foods high in salt and sodium. Here are few food items whose intake can help you attain a healthy blood pressure. Take 2 to 3 garlic cloves every day to keep your blood pressure under check. Similarly, Indian gooseberry and lemon are other beneficial items which can control high blood pressure. Fruits like grapes and watermelons are not only tasty but also good for your heart and blood pressure. You can dry and roast the seeds of watermelon and consume them.

Other food items which should be included in one’s diet include rice due to it having low fat, low-cholesterol and low salt. Brown rice in particular is considered as healthy for people with high blood pressure. In addition, boiled potatoes can also help in maintaining normal blood pressure. For maintaining health as well as taste, you should use certain spices and herbs instead of salt. Follow these simple tips and ensure you live a healthy life with normal blood pressure.

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