Healthy Body Weight

Healthy Body Weight

Healthy Body Weight - Simple Health Maintenace - Healthy Meals » Simple health things that can check yourself-read out!Certainly there’s a fine balance between bring careless with your health and being a hypochondriac. Our human body is resilient, ready to survive even in the harshest of conditions. You must be realizing how certain people manage to survive for days that are trapped in collapsed buildings or endure terrific injuries. Trust me, if you do not live life on an edge, your life will not serve you for a long time. Well, here are some easy ways that can help you to check up your health, so just read it out!

Hop on the scales:
Do you know weighing yourself monthly will help you to keep your body weight in check? Weighing yourself every month (not every day!) will enable you to spot any changes before your clothes become too tight or even too loose.

Look yourself in the mirror deeply:
When your stare deeply into the mirror, and notices that your eyes are red and baggy, then trust me it can be an indication of lack of sleep. So what’s needed is take a some sound sleep. The good news is that sleep is much cheaper than a cosmetic surgery. So just switch off the lights and hit your bed to gain some sound and restful sleep.

Check your pee:
Why don’t you take a look in the toilet? Remember that the color of your pee can really tell you the state of your body’s health. If your pee is darker than the straw then the chances are that you are not drinking enough water.

Take your pulse:
Relax yourself on a sofa and then start counting the beats over half a minute and then multiply it by two. Remember if your pulse is closer to 70, better for you; else get yourself checked by a doctor.

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