Healthy Cooking Secrets & What are Healthy Cooking Methods -

Healthy Cooking Secrets & What are Healthy Cooking Methods -

Obviously we all are having a busy life and also the resistance to change our lifestyle. It is a myth that healthy cooking is a difficult task and of less taste. But keep in mind that minute changes in your daily cooking are enough to make your cooking healthy. A cooking is said healthy cooking when the food material is able to provide the nutrients as it is.

The most important thing in the diet must be food that leads to less fat. Then only weight loss and good health could be maintained.  Below  are the important things for a healthy cooking:


Light steaming has proven as a best way of healthy cooking, especially for vegetables. It sustains the nutrient content of the food and also steaming is an easier way of cooking.  For this simply suspend a perforated basket above rumbling water. Also flavors could be added while the food is cooked.

Stir- fry

Stir-fry is a method of cooking food for a tiny period,  using a very little oil. This retains the nutrients, color and flavor. When heated to a high temperature, oil gets oxidized. So to avoid it add some water before adding oil in the frying pan. Then add some seasoning, for example ginger. In case of meat stir-fry meat first.


While grilling, care must be taken that meat is not charred as charring increases the risk of cancers. Before grilling, marinate meats. Grilling adds a smoky flavor and makes the food delicious.

Roast and Bake

Roasting is done at higher temperatures. It is good for both vegetables and non-vegetables. Light olive oil coating is advisable. Use lemon while roasting instead of pan drippings, as it is fat free liquid.


Poaching is gentle simmering of food in water or flavored liquid till the food is cooked through. Mind it that the liquid is not boiled. This is best in case of fruits, fish, chicken and eggs.

Deep fried foods are the ones to be avoided. Thus healthy cooking is not unaffordable and complicated. It is as tasty and delicious as normal food. Try for it.

Healthy Cooking Secrets & What are Healthy Cooking Methods -

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