Healthy Jam Recipes For Kids

Healthy Jam Recipes For Kids

Healthy Jam Recipes For Kids - Pineapple Jam Recipe - Amrood Jam Recipe - Kaccha Aam Ka Jam » Healthy jam recipes for your kidsPineapple jam

1 kg pineapple, 800 gm sugar, 2 gm citric acid, pinch of essence, 30 ml water

Peel off the pineapple and chop its pulp nicely into small pieces.

Pour all the chopped pieces in a utensil, add water and put it on the flame to cook.

When pimple pieces get cooked, add yellow color and citric cid to them. Mix well.

Add sugar to the same and mix well.

Afterwards, take off the utensil from the flame and keep it aside to cool down.

When the mixture cools down, add essence. Pour it into a clean container.

Your tasty pineapple jam is ready.

Amrood jam

1 kg amrood, 700 gm sugar, 2 lemon, 400 ml water

Peel off the amrood and chop them into small pieces. De-seed them.

Add water to the amrood pieces and then put the utensil on a low flame and cook for sometime.

When pieces gets soft, add half amount of sugar to them and stir continuously.

After 5 minutes, add lemon juice and mix well.

Again pour the rest of sugar to the mixture and mix well. Cook for sometime.

Afterwards take it off from the flame, and keep it aside to cool down. Fill in the clean bottles and serve as and when required.

Kaccha aam ka jam

2 kg kaccha aam, 1 kg sugar, 2 tsp crushed cardamom, 3 cups of tea water

Peel off the mangoes and chop it into small pieces.

Add water to sugar and prepare a nice sherbet solution. Add the mango pieces to this solution. And place the utensil on the fame to cook the ingredients.

When it starts getting thicker, add crushed cardamom. Later take it off from the flame and keep aside to cool down. Pour them into clean bottles and seal them.

Your jam is ready.

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