Healthy Nutrition Diet Plan

Healthy Nutrition Diet Plan

Healthy Nutrition Diet Plan - Healthy Balanced Diet Tips & How to Choose the Best Diet » Diet Nutrition : Don’t Lose Bone HealthIn today’s competitive world, it becomes all the more important to look your best in addition to working hard. And most if not all women dream of sporting hour glass figures and fitting into designer clothes with ease.

The culmination of the dream is the individual’s decision to follow almost any kind of diet to lose weight and stay slim.

However, everything has a limit and the same goes for dieting as well. The question is: How far would you go to get a lean body when you know that your health may be compromised in the process?

Most women today refrain from eating anything that has even slight traces of dairy or wheat in it. They even go the extent of cutting down entirely on some foods they feel will make them fat.

However, by doing so, they are actually cutting down on their body’s nutrient intake which in the long run can cause several health related issues, osteoporosis being the most common of all.

Osteoporosis is a very common ailment in women and affects them in their old age. However, with the introduction of new and fad diets, several women face the risk of contracting the ailment much earlier in their lives.

The reason? They tend to avoid certain foods that are high in fat. What they don’t know is that these foods are also high sources of calcium, especially the bone strengthening kind.

When choosing a particular food, most if not all women tend to make note of only the calorie and fat content of the prodcut while ignoring the other details. As a result, they fail to notice that certain foods like bread which has a high fat content also has a much higher calcium content.

If you want to reduce the risk of contracting osteoporosis by the age of 35, you need to balance out your diet to make sure that you consume at least 700 mg of calcium everyday through the foods and drinks you consume.

There are several foods that are essentially loaded with calcium and can be taken without drastically affecting your fat intake. For example, skimmed milk and other low fat dairy products contain high levels on calcium and less fat; and can be included into the diet.

In addition to bread, skimmed milk and other dairy products, there are several other alternate sources of calcium that you can opt for to remain fit. These include cabbage, nuts, broccoli, pilchards, tofu, sardines and other kinds of fishes.

Remember, it is your life and the way you want to live it that matters. Trying to be slim is acceptable. However, trying too hard to stay slim without worrying about side effects can become quite an issue in the long run. When it comes to beauty or health, health needs to be given the first priority.

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