Help Your Child to Walk

Help Your Child to Walk

Help Your Child to Walk - How to Teach A Child To Walk - How to Get Your Child to Walk » How To Get Your Child To WalkEvery parent has a desire to see the first steps of their child. It is greeted with immense joy and happiness as the child’s first step indicates his entry into another stage of life. However, as a parent you should not force your child to walk as every child is different with different muscular strength and co-ordination and thus some children walk early and some take a slightly longer time. Don’t panic. Children generally start walking when they are about 14 months old. This is not a set age limit as some walk early and some late. If you find that your child is taking much longer to take his first step, then instead of forcing him, you should follow the given tips of encouragement which would help your child to move ahead in life.

The first major mistake which most parents commit is to provide their child with a walker. Don’t do that as babies start relying heavily on them thereby restricting the healthy development of upper leg muscles. In addition, walkers can also pose other problems like hurting the child. It has been found that various injuries to babies like fractures and dislocations are caused by walkers. Instead of relying on machines, you should encourage your child to walk. You can do that by calling out his name or placing a chocolate piece somewhere near him and asking him to walk to attain it. Interact with your child as that would help in healthy brain development and improved reflexes which in turn would aid in his overall development. Let your chills stay barefoot when indoors as that helps in walking. While you are receiving your child to walk, lead him by his torso and not by arms or legs. Similarly, ensure that the ground is not slippery as that increases the risk chances of injury.

By following these given tips, you can help your child to take his first step in a healthy way.

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