Help Your Children to Love Reading

Help Your Children to Love Reading

Help Your Children to Love Reading - Summer Reading Tips for Kids - How to Get Your Child to Love Reading | Tips on - Find TipsReading is one of the most important and useful habits you can inculcate in your kids. Here are few interesting and useful tips to let your kids love reading.

Read to your Kids Every Day

This is one of the activities you can do with your kids even when they are less than 6 months of age. Reading aloud everyday to your kids can make wonders to your kids’ lives. Reading increases the knowledge of the world, fluency with the language, vocabulary. Spend at least 20-30 minutes everyday to read aloud till your kids are in elementary school. After then too read them aloud but let them read themselves too but also aloud.

Get a Library Card

Get a library card for your kids from the library in your area. Librarian can help them track the books of their favorite subject and author. They will get the lifelong habit of making books their friends. You can tell them how to use the card catalog.

Take your Kids to the Library once a week

Take your kids to the library once a week and let them look around for books at a relaxed pace so that they do not feel rushed. If they need any help, ask librarian for suggestions. Encourage your kids to take part in summer reading programs.

Discuss about the Children’s Book with your Kids

You can make the reading more interesting and practical when you discuss the books they have read. You can relate the happenings of eth book with your family.

Make sure to take your Kids to Activities Related to Books

You can take your kids to various story times, craft activities, puppet shows, author programs and more. It is often interesting for kids to meet their favorite author or illustrator.

Buy Books that Interest your Child

Often buy books that you are sure will interest your child. Know about your child’s interests and which ones they have and which they do not.

Comfortable Reading Space

Make sure children can read at a comfortable reading space at home without distraction.

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