Hemochromatosis - Symptoms of Hemochromatosis - Hemochromatosis Treatment - Hemochromatosis a Liver Disorder » HemochromatosisWe have often heard of the problems that can occur to a person who lacks adequate iron content in the body. This problem is commonly referred to as anemia. But do you know that excess of iron too is not good for your body? Yes, you heard it right.

Excess deposits of iron in the body, especially in regions like liver, and pancreas can lead to a medical problem termed as hemochromatosis.

This is a serious medical problem and needs proper detection and treatment because if left untreated, this problem can be life-threatening.

Hemochromatosis is basically a metabolic disorder and occurs in people who have a tendency to absorb and store more than required iron in the body.

Too much iron overload in the body can affect your heart, liver and pancreas and even lead to their failure.

Let’s look at some symptoms that are commonly associated with this problem of hemochromatosis. People with this problem commonly complain of joint pain.

Excessive iron deposition in the body can also lead to problems like arthritis, and liver problems like enlarged liver, liver failure and even cancer.

People with this problem are also easily affected by arthritis. Other symptoms of hemochromatosis include fatigue and general body weakness; abdominal pain; loss of sex drive and others.

Early onset of menopause, thyroid deficiency and some abnormal or unusual pigmentation of skin are also some of the symptoms of hemochromatosis.

The common symptoms of hemochromatosis, usually in its early stage, are very generic symptoms and can be related to various other problems. For instance, loss of energy and lack of sex drive are common symptoms associated with a number of problems.

However, to be on a safer side, you should know your body well, recognize its signs and symptoms and get a checkup done to get timely treatment. After all, neither is lack of iron good nor excess of it.

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