Herbs to Increase Sexual Stamina

Herbs to Increase Sexual Stamina

Herbs to Increase Sexual Stamina - Cure for Low Libido - Increases Sexual Desire Naturally - Stop Premature Ejaculation | Tips on - Find TipsThe article provides a list of some herbs that are beneficial for men and women to increase their performance in bed by lasting longer. These herbs can be taken in their natural form or in the form of pills too.

1. Maca- It was used as a general tonic by the Incas of South America thousands of years ago. The herb is a cure for low libido, impotence, improves ‘reproductive health’ and erectile dysfunction. It is an ‘adaptogen’ meaning that it adapts to the body’s metabolism quickly. Maca is full of amino acids minerals, enzymes, vitamins and phyto-chemicals. It balances the level of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen in body.

2. Yohimbe- The herb is used to maintain sensation in the vital organs. Patients suffering from high blood pressure and any types of depression are not given Yohimbe. It takes around 6-8 weeks for the herb to show its effect.

3. Ashwagandha- The herb works like steroids by increasing testosterone and progesterone hormones. It increases libido power and stops premature ejaculation. It is also believed to enhance longevity.

4. Coleus Forskohlii- The herb relaxes muscles and increases the blood flow to the penis by enhanced stimulation.

5. Comfrey- The herb acts as a major stimulant for ovary and testes leading to increased sensation and blood flow.

6. Dong Quai- The herb stimulates the female hormones increasing their response. Dong Quai increases the chances of orgasmic pleasure by manifold.

7. Epimedium- The herb produces the effects of testosterone; it stimulates penis, increases blood flow, increases sperm production, increases sexual desire in both men and women and stimulates the nerves. Another important thing is that the chemical compound of this herb reacts against HIV.

8. Gingko- The herb is considered to be the “ultimate blood circulation herb”. It increases the blood flow giving long lasting pleasure and also protects the blood vessels. The herb is easily available in the market.

A rising demand for natural remedies to sexual functions has lead to the popularity of natural herbs. These are much better than chemical solutions.

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