Hip Pain In Pregnancy

Hip Pain In Pregnancy

Hip Pain In Pregnancy - Cause & Treatment Of Hip Pain During PregnancyMany pregnant women suffer from hip pain, which is caused due to many reasons. This type of pain can be very disturbing for a woman and she may find it very irritating on many occasions. It has been found that hip pain is generally developed during the last trimester of pregnancy.

One of major reasons for pregnancy hip pain is increase in the weight of pregnant woman. Since the conception, weight of woman increases continuously and by third trimester, considerable weight gain happens. Due to this, great pressure is put on the pelvis and hips of a lady.

These also become stretched at later stages in pregnancy and result in hip pain. Other major reason for pregnancy hip pain is increased levels of hormones in the body. Two hormones that are released during pregnancy and which have loosening effect on the joints and muscles are relaxin and progesterone. As a result of such loosening, hip pain occurs.

Poor posture adopted by a pregnant woman is also responsible for hip pain to a good extent. If a woman sits or bends in an improper manner, she might experience hip pain quite early in pregnancy. Similarly, if she remains standing for longer durations, hip pain may occur. Since structural changes are always occurring in the body of mother, poor posture can aggravate the hip pain considerably. Stretching uterus and abdominal muscles put great pressure on hips and if posture is not correct, hip pain may develop very soon. Similarly, round ligament can cause hip pain to good extent.

If a pregnant woman remains under stress due to certain reasons, this may lead to hip pain to a certain extent. This is because stress causes stiffness in muscles in the body, which may lead to pain in many parts including hip pain.

When hip pain occurs, a pregnant woman must wear a support belt. An acupuncturist or a chiropractor can help in getting relief from pain. Heat and ice treatments are also prescribed in such conditions. Before taking any type of medication, health care provider must be contacted. Generally, acetaminophen is regarded as safe for a pregnant woman.

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