History Of Herbal Medicine

History Of Herbal Medicine

History Of Herbal Medicine - The Thomsonian System Of Medicine - Samuel Thomson - Barbara Griggs » History of Herbal Medicine : The Thomsonian SystemSamuel Thomson has been considered one of the greatest men of Herbal Medicine, and his books are being use as sources around the world. And we will use one of his books here as a reading source to obtain knowledge of herbal history.

Some of the practices that were being used at that time are no longer feasible in this day and time; we must make certain this is understood before moving forward.

History of Samuel Thomson

Samuel Thomson was born in 1769 and departed in 1843. After bearing witness to gruesome and debilitating scenes of bloodletting, he was stimulated to adopt his method of herbal medicine for treating widespread diseases of his day.

At the time, the liquid metallic element, mercury and other poisonous constituents were being used as means for healing. It is said that he even had to witness his own mother; daughter and wife suffer while being treated with this horrible method of healing.

He acquired enough knowledge of herbal medicine to start treating his own family members and eventually others. It didn’t take much time to realize that this was his calling and started practicing around the clock.

Barbara Griggs’ Research

Thomson did not let his childhood go to waste, he learned as much as he could as a kid from a widower name Benton, who happened to be an herbalist.

Barbara Griggs from Green Pharmacy wrote that Thomson’s writings revealed that he was not a stranger to medical literature of his day and time and was adamant about taking claim of his writing.

Griggs went on to say that Thomson’s work showed no signs of being a practitioner of Indian medicine where the practice of Emetics ran wild.

The practice of Emetics, where people are force to regurgitate is not recommended by herbalists in the world today and should not be used as a method of treatment.

Conclusion on Samuel Thomson

With that bit of knowledge, we can conclude that Thomson’s book is a great source of reference for the proper use of herbs, and a continuation of the read will reveal that he presented herbs that are being safely used today.

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