Holiday Drink Guide

Holiday Drink Guide

Holiday Drink Guide - Holiday drinks and cocktails - Holiday drink recipes - Best holiday drinks » Drink Recipes-Holiday Drink GuideHoliday time is here again and it is time for one and all to rejoice and enjoy with family and friends. But what are celebrations without some good drinks and snacks to go along with it? When we talk about drinks for party time we are talking alcohol beverages. These drinks are a channel for cheer and a lubrication that eases in good tidings of joy and happiness. A party without booze is nothing but a dry occasion discussing the many malfunctions of time gone past and invariably resulting in boredom.

Now if you really want to make a good time out of a few hours partying with friends or family or both use these few tips to make a success of your party plans.

Many guys just cannot do without their beer. There are special beers for winter season and summer as well. There is essentially little difference in the alcohol content of beers for summer and winter it is really the way it is served. Warm or chilled. Then there are some beers that have flavors such as ginger to add to the taste.

Mulled wine is a drink designed to knock the chill out of ones bones. So this is essentially a winter drink. Some of the simple mulled wine as can be prepared very easily, just spike your chocolate drink with a bit of schnapps or with whiskey. You can have a bottle of a cheap red wine mix it with one cup of brandy and a cup of sugar 2 sticks of cinnamon and 3 whole cloves a sliced orange and a sliced lemon. Put them in a pot on a low flame for not more than 20 minutes and stir now and then. This is poured into mugs and served.

Revelers may not want the traditional beverages of holiday season. In those cases, we suggest trying drinks that may not have a holiday pedigree, but whose names at least suggest you are aware that it is cold outside and that people are celebrating something.

Another drink that can be served chilled is called frostbite. You will need a half ounce of Tequila, a half ounce of white crème of coco, half ounce blue Curacao and half an ounce of cream. Mix these ingredients in a glass shake well ad serve chilled.

The above recipes will leave your guests taste buds tangling and wanting more.

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