Holiday Hot Spot In Peru

Holiday Hot Spot In Peru

Peru, with its picturesque scenery, fascinating cultural, rich history, and abundance of nature and wildlife, possesses one of the most varied topographies in South America.

Holiday Hot Spot In Peru - Popular Destinations And Attractions In Peru

The desert coastline and inland forests are beautifully separated by magnificent Andean peaks. You must make all efforts to protect these stunning landscapes while exploring them.

Machu Picchu

Located on the high Andean peaks, amidst the cloud forests, Machu Picchu continues to be an archeological mystery as well as one of them most popular destinations in the country. The amazing Incan citadel was built up on an arguably impossible location, in order to protect it from Spanish conquest.

Still, these ancient ruins need to be protected from intruders who continue to destroy its beautiful surroundings. The authorities in Peru have made enough efforts to enforce stern regulations on the people traveling to this location. On each day, a maximum of 1500 visitors are allowed to enter the site, and not more than 500 on Inca trail in a day.

The Amazon Rainforest

The largest river basin in the world, the Amazon Rainforests, is the biggest source of fresh water on the Earth. In fact, it constitute about one-third of the entire free flowing fresh water in the world. Not only is it the largest as well as luxuriant-most river, it also houses one in ten most-known species of the world. According to researches, a palpable link exists between the integrity of global environment and health of Amazon River.

Holiday Hot Spot In Peru - Popular Destinations And Attractions In Peru

Yet, the rapid deforestation as well as the illegal logging has become a big threat to the Amazon. Complete biological richness of these amazing rainforests has not been tapped fully. Scientists, even today, are discovering new and unusual medicines and other uses of the plants found here. It is expected that the Amazon forests will slowly and steadily deplete if stronger regulations are not imposed to save it.

The threat of disaster looming over the flora and fauna in this area should not prevent enthusiasts from exploring the glory of the place. Rather the people visiting the amazing rainforests should practice ecotourism in order to preserve its glory as well as educate others to do the same.

Colca Canyon

Located near the splendidly beautiful colonial town called Arequipa, Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons found anywhere in the world. A large number of visitors from around the world visit this action-packed area and all of them are sure to fall in love with the amazing beauty of this place.

Holiday Hot Spot In Peru - Popular Destinations And Attractions In Peru

It is true that excessive tourism can have a negative effect on the beauty of the region; however, if the travelers are educated and made aware about the ways to protect the environmental surroundings, they can help in finding the solution to the problem.

The promotion of local economy as well as empowerment of the local communities can help can help in protecting the region from depletion. While taking a tour of the Colca Canyon, you’ll be able to see enormous condors soaring on top of the valley, which is an amazing sight. However, always remember to protect the wildlife that you love to witness and admire, as well as the traditional communities that exist in the region.

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