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Dry leaves or moss grass can be spread on the soil in a half-to one inch layer to prevent early evaporation, reducing the need for watering. This layer also helps suppress weed formation. In winter, it helps retain warmth. The best time to mulch is during autumn and spring.


Do manuring twice a year- in spring and monsoon. Manure can be produced domestically also. Collect dry leaves in an earthen pot; add a layer of earth and leaves, topped by another layer of earth. Sprinkle some water and put a lid on it. The manure will be ready in a month. You can also add egg shells or vegetable peels in this manure.


Whenever we water the plants, moisture reaches only the top layer of the soil. To ensure it goes deep inside, take pointed stick and keep sticking it into the soil as you pour. You can also install round the clock watering system or sprinklers. They are freely available in the farm shops.

Taking care of the soil

Take time for some gardening work on the weekend. Remove any dry leaves, wash plants, and loosen the soil using a trowel. It is good to expose the soil to the sun in the summer months. Overturn the soil with the trowel so that the lower layer is exposed to the sun. Sometimes you may need to change the soil if it shows sign of weakening in nutrients or looking unhealthy. For the flower bed, or if you do not have the time to change the soil in the pot, add a layer of fresh soil. This soil can be procured from some nursery or alternatively from some other garden.


You can use netting, usually used for greenhouses, on top of the plant to protect them from severe heat and frost.

Add new varieties

Keep adding new varieties of plants in your garden. Clean it of any garbage or dumps.

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