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Home Made Beauty Tips For Face | Tips on - Find TipsWe all know that are face is very dear to us so it does not pinch us at all if we spend some time out to make it beautiful. It is not all simple and easy to make it stay pretty for long and fresh. In order to protect your face from day to day harsh damages you need not spend your whole day in front of the mirror but instead you should spend some time out from your busy schedule and try out some home made recipes to treat your face.

The following has some home made recipes to treat your face.

1. First you must wash your face but do not wipe it dry. Take a tablespoon of sugar and honey and warm it in your microwave for few seconds. Then apply this mixture in your face and keep it for few minutes. After some time you may wash your face gently. This cleanses your skin and makes your skin glow as well.

2. Dabbing your face with cotton dipped in cold water will rejuvenate your facial skin.

3. In order to make your skin glow you may prepare a mixture of ripped banana, sandalwood powder and honey. This scrub acts as a cleanser and will make your skin glow.

4. For treating a wrinkled facial skin you need to grind some almonds and add to some milk. As almonds are rich in vitamin A it will moisturize the skin.

5. In order to treat your blemishes you must apply honey all over your face and massage it gently and then wash your face with cold water.

6. A mixture of rose water, almonds and milk when applied to your face will remove all the dead skin and replace a fresh new skin in your face.

7. If you have large pores in your facial skin then you must apply the mixture of lemon juice and orange juice all over your face upward and outward strokes. This acts as a good facial mask for oily skin.

8. To treat your under eye dark circles you would need cucumber juice or tea bags or mint leaves. Then with a cotton pad you must dipped in either of these and dab it under your eyes.

9. For treating your aging skin you will require honey and egg white. Beat the egg white and add honey to it and then apply it on your face. This would keep your skin soft and it would prevent wrinkles.

10. Using sea salt you must exfoliate your face at least twice a week and then wash it off gently.

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