Home Remedies for Anxiety

Home Remedies for Anxiety

Home Remedies for Anxiety - Yoga and Anxiety - Meditation Techniques of Yoga - Breathing for Anxiety » Anxiety Cures – Cure Your Anxiety With YogaWhat Causes Anxiety?

In this world of hectic competition, anxiety is a common ailment everyone suffers. Right from a school-going child to the aged, everyone suffers from anxiety.

Scientists are of the opinion that stress causes anxiety. So, if stress is reduced, anxiety also reduces. There are many prescription drugs, which are available to reduce stress.

Many of these drugs, in the long run, will have some side effects. There are some home remedies also, which help to reduce the anxiety level. But, the most effective way to reduce stress is Yoga.

What Is Yoga?

In simple terms, Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises and gentle body movements. Breathing plays a major role in this practice. When a person is experiencing stress, his breathing becomes shallow.

Yoga will help to regulate the breathing so that even in situations of great stress, the person will return to normalcy because he is able to regulate his breathing.

Yoga involves movements of the body in a predefined manner. These movements are called ‘Asanas’. There are many types of Asanas such as Shavasana (Lie down like a dead person), Mathsyasana, Koormasana, Dhanurasana, (These are bending exercises) Sarvangasana (Lift both the legs while resting on the back) and Shirasasana (Stand on the head and put the legs up).

How Yoga Helps?

By practicing regularly, the nervous system is relaxed and the stress level reduces. The meditation techniques of Yoga give a lot of relaxation to the nervous system.

This is a technique practiced from times immemorial and it has given great relief to those who suffer from stress-related problems. Recent medical studies have shown beyond doubt that by practicing Yoga regularly, anxiety levels can be reduced considerably. Apart from this, by practicing this technique, the general health condition also improves.

How To Practice Yoga?

To practice Yoga, all that a person needs is a small area where he can move his body freely. Open space would be very beneficial. Any one, irrespective of age and sex can practice it; but it should be practiced under the guidance of an expert.

There are some restrictions in practicing Asanas – for example, a person having Blood Pressure should not practice Shirasasana. It should not be practiced after meals or on an empty stomach. The breathing technique is the core of Yoga. Therefore, always practice it under the guidance of an expert.

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