Home Remedies for Cradle Cap

Home Remedies for Cradle Cap

Home Remedies for Cradle Cap - How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap - Treatment for Cradle Cap » Home Remedies for Cradle CapWe all are well aware of the problem of dandruff. Cradle cap is a problem similar to dandruff and it is a common skin infection which usually affects infants.

Like dandruff, this problem leads to a dry, scaly and a flaky scalp. Mostly in cradle cap, you will find your infant’s scalp to have some yellow and oily patches of scale.

While this problem usually subsides on its own, there are few infants who have a prolonged problem of cradle cap. Given below are some home remedies that can help your child get rid of cradle cap.

Since cradle cap is a condition characterized by drying and scaling up of scalp, the best and most common home remedy is of applying some oil on the baby’s scalp.

This helps in loosening of the dry flakes. Olive oil or baby oils should be applied on your child’s scalp.

Also, you can apply oil on the scalp, massage it gently for some time, and then comb the hair as that will help in gentle removal of flakes.

A fine toothed comb is normally used for this purpose. These simple steps can help in freeing your child’s scalp from unwanted flakes of cradle cap.

As mentioned before, getting the flakes off the infant’s scalp is one of the easiest options.

However, don’t be harsh on your child’s skin and don’t unnecessarily scratch his scalp to get rid of those unwanted yellow flakes. Applying oil first always helps.

Additionally, oil also helps to get rid of cradle cap which spreads to areas behind the ears and even on forehead and eyebrows.

Frequent shampooing of baby’s scalp and hair with soft baby shampoos is helpful. However, don’t use harsh chemicals on your child’s delicate skin. A gentle shampoo designed specifically for children and infants should be used.

If the problem of cradle cap persists or if it starts spreading extensively to other parts of the body, then you must consult a doctor to get timely treatment.

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