Home Remedies For Hiccups

Home Remedies For Hiccups

Home Remedies For Hiccups - Hiccups - How To Get Rid Of Hiccups - Treatment Hiccups - Cure For Hiccups - How To Stop Hiccups » Home Remedies for HiccupsCaused by the repeated contraction of diaphragm, hiccups are associated with a ‘hic’ sound. While most people believe that hiccups are caused when the person is being remembered by someone, the real medical causes of this problem include overstretching of the neck, laryngitis, heartburn, general anesthesia, infection, smoking and even due to fast eating. Generally hiccups last for a few minutes but if they last for a couple of days, they may be an indication of some internal medical problem or ailment.

There are many home made remedies available to naturally get rid of the problem of hiccups. Though they last for only a few minutes, they may come at an inappropriate time like when one is in meeting or engaged in some important work. Thus, one should be aware of the natural ways of treating this problem so that it does not interrupt the smooth life of a person. Some of the home remedies for hiccups include holding one’s breath for a few seconds before releasing it slowly, gargling with water or taking some ice water and sipping it quickly. In addition, closing your eyes and gently pressing your eyeballs can also prove effective in getting rid of hiccups. Drinking a glass of soda water, eating some sugar or eating one tbsp of peanut butter are other effective home made remedies for warding off the problem of hiccups.

Hiccups is a problem which can also be prevented by avoiding hot and spicy food items as such items irritate the lining of the esophagus which in turn leads to hiccups. Many people have found loud singing or laughing as an effective way of stopping hiccups. In addition, small pieces of fresh ginger are effective for treating the problem of recurrent hiccups. By following these simple home made remedies, one can effectively remove the obstructing ‘hic’ of hiccups from one’s life.

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