Home Remedies for Jetlag

Home Remedies for Jetlag

Home Remedies for Jetlag - How to Treat Jet Lag - How to Prevent Jet Lag - How to Overcome Jetlag » Home Remedies for JetlagYou must have heard of jetlag from a variety of people who undertake a long journey, especially of varying time zones. Jetlag is a condition in which a person takes time to adjust to his new environment after undertaking a long journey.

The body and its cycles take time to adjust and the person facing jetlag display certain problems like difficulty sleeping and waking up according to the current destination’s timings; disrupted work routine; feeling of nausea; fatigue; and general weakness and body ache at times. Given are some natural remedies that can help a person quickly overcome jetlag and even prevent it.

Did you know that exposing your body to sunlight can help in the prevention of jetlag? Yes you heard it right. It has been found that spending some time in natural sunlight helps your body to adjust faster to the new destination. However, do not sun burn yourself for this purpose. Everything needs to be done in moderation and also, you need to ensure you do not expose yourself to sun during peak sunny hours.

If the natural sunlight can help you out, so can nature’s free and healthiest gift- water. Drink plenty of water and drinking a glass of water every hour during your flight can help prevent jetlag. You need to keep your body hydrated and can thus also drink fresh juices for the same. However, strictly avoid intake of coffee and alcohol while traveling and even before taking a flight.

Stress can aggravate the problem and increase your chances of having a jet lag. Thus, keep yourself stress free and avoid excessive work and physical exertion of any kind, at least a week before your journey.

Believe it or not- diet and exercise have an important role to play in this problem too. You should take a diet that’s rich in proteins and also don’t forget the all important exercise as a healthy lifestyle is a master key for unlocking all your health related problems.

Thus, follow the given steps and prevent or naturally treat the problem of jetlag.

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