Home Remedies For Leg Cramps

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps - Leg Cramps - Causes Leg Cramps - Cures For Leg Cramps - Remedy For Leg Cramps - Get Rid Of Leg Cramps » Home Remedies for Leg CrampsLeg cramps can be extremely painful and discomforting as they are painful, sudden, involuntary spasm or contraction of muscles. Generally affecting shoulders, legs or back, leg cramps are generally caused by muscle fatigue due to overexertion, dehydration, rigorous exercises and even by nerve abnormalities. It is characterized by severe leg pain and muscle tenderness. There are certain natural and home made remedies available which can help to relieve the pain associated with leg and muscle cramps.

Natural treatments for curing leg cramps involve daily exercising and eating a calcium rich diet. In addition, one can take calcium supplements if one frequently suffers from the problem of muscle cramps. To get immediate relief from cramping legs, one should massage the muscle that is opposite to the muscle that is cramping. Similarly, one should first stretch the sore muscle and then gently massage the cramped muscle in the direction of the muscle. This helps in the relaxation of the cramping muscles along with helping in the reduction of pain. Taking a hot shower bath can also help in the relaxation of the cramped muscles. When one gets cramps, one should massage the toe muscles. Moreover, taking a heating pad or a hot bottle and placing it on the hurting area can help in the easing off of pain. One can also use cold pads to gain the desired effect.

In addition to the above remedies, one can take precaution to prevent leg cramps. One should avoid the dehydration of body by taking plenty of fluids, especially during workouts. In addition, performing proper stretching exercises and warm up before starting your workout regime is important to prevent the problem of leg and muscle cramps. By following certain natural remedies and preventive measures, one can keep one’s muscles in a healthy condition and prevent them from frequent cramping.

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