Home Remedies to Treat Body Odor

Home Remedies to Treat Body Odor

Home Remedies to Treat Body Odor - How to Stay Odor Free - Body Odor Problem - Remedies for Body Odor | Tips on - Find TipsBody odor is a serious problem in today’s environment and you are bound to do something so that you are not a victim to it. It is no longer considered the sign of sexuality, manliness and prowess, rather it is curse and you find people wandering away from you to save their noses.

The main cause for body odor is sweat. There are two types of sweat glands responsible for producing sweat in our body called eccrine and apocrine glands. The eccrine gland produces sweat from all over the body whose effect is to keep the body cool. The apocrine gland on the other hand is located in specific regions like, armpits, groin, around nipples, etc. and produce sweats which gives out the maximum amount of stinging effect.

Thus, it is essential that you should control the actions of the apocrine gland in order to prevent body odor.

Keep yourself clean: Take a bath regularly and make sure that you clean the areas responsible for secreting odorous sweat with antideodrant soap at least once in a day.

Use a deodorant: You should use a deodorant regularly and make sure that you carry it with you if possible. You can also keep one in your office drawer so that you can use it whenever required. They are cosmetics used to cover the body odor by disseminating sweet smelling odors.

Antiperspirant: Along with a deodorant, you can also use an antiperspirant. Its function is different from deodorant. Not only do the musk the body odor but also kills the bacteria and prevent secretion of sweat from the eccrine gland keeping your body surface dry. Thus, it prevents breeding of bacteria.

Clothes: It is always advisable to wear clean and fresh clothes daily especially to work. As you stay in one garment for a longer period, you should always change your outfit on alternate days. You should also wear clothes that helps to soak the sweat easily lke, cotton, linen, etc.

Diet: Increase in intake of food ingredients like, garlic, red pepper, spices, alcohol, etc. will result in dissemination of sweat from the sweat glands, thus, increasing the chances of body odor.

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