Home Remedies to Treat Skin Ailments

Home Remedies to Treat Skin Ailments

Home Remedies to Treat Skin Ailments - Home Remedies for Common Ailments - Natural Remedies for Skin Ailments - Remedies for Skin Ailments | Tips on - Find TipsTIPS TO REMOVE RINGWORM’S & ITCHING

- Extract the milk of Mudar (kind of medicinal plant) and apply it on the ringworm for at least three times in a day. In few days, you will see that the ringworm has started to dry.

- Take few basil leaves and extract its juice and apply it gently on ringworm, you will feel much better.

- In the morning when you wake up, you sometimes see a pimple has appeared on your skin, apply your saliva on that and the pimple will disappear in one or two days.

- Take at least forty to fifty leaves of Neem tree (having medicinal qualities) and boil it in appropriate amount of water. When the water gets cooled, mix some normal water into it and take a bath. Repeat this step for few days and you will get gradual relief from itching.

- Take one tsp of jasmine oil and add four to five drops of lemon juice in it. Apply the mixture on the affected portion of the skin.

-Take one tsp of coconut oil and mix one piece of camphor in it and apply on the skin where itching is taking place.


- Take one onion and extract its juice so that it measures two spoons, apply it on your hair. After 30 minutes, wash off your hair with gooseberry water. Washing your hair with this mixture will surely eradicate lice from your hair completely.


- Take ½ spoon of honey and mix it with crushed catechu. Mix them well and apply it on the ulcers.

- IF you are suffering from mouth ulcers, then try to avoid the consumption of excess quantity of spices as it can cause burning sensation in ulcer.

- Take ½ spoon of powdered form of gooseberry two times in a day.

- Apply the juice extracted from jasmine leaves at least three times in a day. You will get instant relief.

- Constipation has an important role to play in the development of ulcers. So, while you are treating your mouth ulcers, also focus your attention on curing constipation.


- Mix one spoon of castor oil in a cup of warm milk. Take this milk in night for three successive days. Eating the vegetable of yam also helps in treating the problem of hemorrhoids.

- Take one cup of milk without butter and add ½ tsp of fried cumin seeds in it. As per your taste add requisite amount of rock salt and drink the mixture.


- Take one semi-spherical cake which is normally made of sugar and is soft in touch. Add 2-3 drops of pure sandalwood oil in it and eat that cake.

- Mix powdered form of gooseberry in one cup of sugarcane juice and gulp it. You will feel much relief while passing off urine.

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