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Home Spa Kit

Home Spa Kit - Spa treatment - Lavender essential oil - Aromatherapy massage » Your At Home Spa KitWorried about how to get that ever so demanding spa treatment glow to your skin like the stars? Try these no fuss no mess methods to get that shimmering look without the stress or the cost.

Radiant Skin
To get that feel like a star smoothness, use an exfoliating lactic-acid serum to get rid of breakouts. After you scrub your way to smoothness, apply a lotion from 1 cup of strawberries, 1 cup whole milk and a tsp of almond oil. Leave on for about 20 min and then wash off. This will reduce the redness and leave your skin glowing.

Silky Soft hair
To get that red carpet do, coat your hair with a hydrating formula that has vegetable based oil. Massage from your forehead to crown and this will stimulate the nerve endings in your scalp. This conditioning treatment will relax your muscles and let your hair shine through.

Relax from the Feet Up
Fill your favorite foot bath with soothing warm water and add a few marbles. By rolling your feet over them it will act as a massage and your feet will say thank you. Our feet deserve a little pampering since they carry a lot of weight every day.

Pouty Lips
Wearing something different will change the way you look at yourself and feel about yourself. Try wearing a shimmering red lip gloss and get that perfect pout. If red is not your thing, try a different color as long as it is new for you.

Muscles Are Soothed
Mix four ounces of almond oil with one-half ounce of lavender essential oil and mix between warm with your hands. Start by massaging your calves and working your way to the top. Stars pay top dollars for this type of aromatherapy massage and you can have it for pennies on the dollar.

You can have a million dollar look with it costing you the same. Home remedies can work wonders on you and your budget. Maybe you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip but you can enjoy life just a little.

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