Homely Remedies For Acidity

Homely Remedies For Acidity

Homely Remedies For Acidity - Remedies For Acidity - Getting Rid Of Acidity - Stomach Acidity - Curing Acidity Problem » Homely remedies for acidityDo you often suffer from heartburn, belching, frequent burps or lack of appetite? Then certainly you are caught in the web of acidity disorder. Undoubtedly acidity is the most common lifestyle related disorder that you get suffered from every now and then. Do you know that if this problem gets severe, it can lead to harmful effects like stomach cancer also? So, don’t turn a blind eye to the problem of acidity.

Do you know that your kitchen is your powerhouse system? You can easily kick off your acidity problem within seconds, if you incorporate these easy homely remedies in your life.

For curing acidity, mix 1 sp of honey in a glass of chilled milk. Now add a mashed banana to it and drink it up. Believe me, this is an extremely helpful way if treating acidity problem.

You can even soak isabgol overnight and eat it in the morning after getting up. Mind it, this mixture coats your digestive tract and also helps in recovering from acidity.

Drinking 2-3 glasses of water early in the morning immensely helps in countering acidity.

One of the most effective ways of curing acidity is – add 1 tsp of honey and 2 tbsp of cider vinegar in half cup of water for thirty minutes. Drinking this mixture just before your meal immensely helps in treating acidity.

Remember that chewing soft neem leaves after a meal also helps in curing acidity problem.

For curing acidity permanently, make sure you drink 4-5 glasses of salted water, on an empty stomach and vomit it out. This process strengthens the digestive system of your body and stimulates the stomach too. This practice also helps in detoxifying the entire body system. Make sure you incorporate this practice for at least two months on regular basis for getting rid of acidity.

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