Homely Remedies For Winter Woes

Homely Remedies For Winter Woes

Homely Remedies For Winter Woes - Beating Winter Woes - Get Rid Of Winter Woes » Homely Remedies For Winter WoesFrom blissfully bright morning to misty nights and romance all around, winters also brings in number of health ailments too. So wear your snazzy jackets and gloves to beat the chills of the winter season. Also, here are some homely remedies that will help you to fortify yourself from winter ailments-just read them out!

You will be glad to read out that drinking a glass of hot milk with added 1 tsp of almond oil in it, on daily basis helps you in fighting against the chest infections all throughout the winter season. So don’t think much! Just gulp a glass!

Do you often suffer from migraine and sinus in winters? Then don’t panic any more! Just put drops of eucalyptus oil into 1 liter of boiling water and inhale this decoction for 4 minutes everyday. Believe m, it will clear the cold just like that!

To keep the infections at bay in this winter season, why not use some aromatherapy. Just light camphor in aroma oil, this will help in killing the bacterias and can get you rid of infections. Try to avoid going to closed places as much as possible. This is because closed places have the highest chances of catching infections.

To keep away the chill of winters to affect you, add bay leaf, ginger, basil, and cloves to the boiling water. Drink this up after sieving. Trust me, this will not only protect you from winter chills but also soothe your tummy and ease throat and lung infection.

To get rid of sore throat and swelling around the throat take some mulethi, cardamom, and jeera. Boil all the herbs in 4 cups of water till the water becomes half. Slip this decoction slowly. You will definitely experience tremendous relief with this.

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