Homemade Astringent Lotions

Homemade Astringent Lotions

Homemade Astringent Lotions - Ingredients for Astringent Lotions - Astringent Lotions - How to Apply Homemade Astringent Lotion | Tips on - Find Tips- Requirements: 4 tbsp wheat germ; 8 tsp honey; a cup of milk and a cud of chamomile (dried).

How To: Soak the chamomile in the milk for 24 hours. Strain it and blend with honey and wheat germ. Lotion is ready. Store in a container.

- Requirements: 2 cups of rose water; 70 leaves of mint; ½ brandy; 1 tsp sodium benzoate; 4 tbsp of lemon peels; 2 tbsp of orange peels and 4 tbsp of rosemary powder.

How To: Boil rose water on medium heat. Add the mint leaves, lemon peels and orange peels. Keep it boiling for an hour at least? Store the mixture in a container and refrigerate after it cools. It has greater shell life.

- Requirements: 4tsp of alcohol; 4 tbsp of witch hazel; 1 tsp of peppermint extract and 8 tsp of lemon juice.

How To: This is particularly for oily skin. Mix all these ingredients finely. Strain them and store in a bottle.

- Requirements: 10 gram of sodium bicarbonate; 8 tbsp of rose water; 8 tbsp of orange flower extract; 2 tsp of honey; 2 tbsp of almond oil and 16 tbsp of sandalwood oil.

How To: Refrigerate the lotion after mixing all the ingredients in a storage container. Shake well before use.

-Requirements: Honey; 8 tsp of vodka; ¼ tsp of borax powder; 8 tsp of dried sage powder and 6 tsp of witch hazel.

How To: Soak the sage in the vodka for 15 days. Strain it and add the remaining things. Store in a bottle. Use regularly for better results.

- Requirements: 2 tsp of cloves powder; 2 tbsp coriander seeds; 2 tbsp lemon peel (grated); 1 tbsp nutmeg powder; 1 tbsp of pure honey; 4 tbsp of alcohol; ½ tsp of benzoin; rose water; 2 tbsp orange flower water.

How To: Blend all the ingredients. Keep in an air-tight container; it has a shell life of 2 days.

-Requirement: grated cucumber, 6 tsp of rosewater, 2 tsp glycerin and 2 tsp eu-de-cologne.

How To: Squeeze the juice out of cucumber. Add the remaining things. This can be stored for a long time. Apply using cotton balls.

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