Homemade Blackhead Cure

Homemade Blackhead Cure

Homemade Blackhead Cure - Tips to Cure Blackheads - How to Remove Blackheads - Tips to Prevents Acne and Blackheads | Tips on - Find Tips- Make a mixture of turmeric powder with 1 tsp of coriander juice. Apply this pack on the effected area and leave it over night. Wash in the morning.

- Grate raw potatoes and squeeze the juice out. Apply this on blackheads. Keep for 15 minutes and wash off.

- If you like honey, warm a little bit of honey and apply to blackheads. Wash off after 15 minutes.

- In four cups of boiled water, add 2 tsp of soda bicarbonate. Then, steam a towel and place it on the face. Do this at least twice a day. It is very effective.

- Mix 2 tsp of rice flour with little curd and apply to blackheads. Let it dry and then clean it off with cold water.

- Make a mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and almond oil and apply as a lotion. It not only removes blackheads but spots too.

- Boil oatmeal in water and add lemon juice after it cools off. Apply on the face.

- Add a spoon of honey to the white part of an egg. Apply with cotton swab. Keep for half an hour and wash off with warm water.

- Before sleep, apply a paste of lemon juice and cinnamon powder. Keep it overnight and wash it off first thing in the morning.

- Mix water with radish seeds powder into a thick paste and apply on blackheads.

- Make a thick paste of curd and 2 tsp black pepper powder. Apply for 7 minutes or till it dries. Wash off with lukewarm water.

- Make a thick paste of curd and 3 tbsp of orange peel powder. Apply all over the face. It helps to remove blackheads and un-clog the clogged skin pores for it to breathe. It keeps the skin healthy.

- Directly apply toothpaste on the effected areas. Initially it will produce a burning sensation but it subsides gradually. It takes approximately two weeks for complete blackhead cure. Keep the toothpaste for 25 minutes and then wash off.

- Before sleeping, apply a quick pack of fenugreek leaves for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water. This prevents acne, blackheads and wrinkles.

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