Honeymoon Places

Honeymoon Places

Honeymoon Places - Honeymoon Destination - Hawaii Honeymoon » Ten Great Places for HoneymoonIf you are planning for your honeymoon and you are confused about where to go, then following are the ten best places for honeymoon, which will surely help you decide your dream destination.

1. Hawaii:

Hawaii is a wonderful place for honeymoon. The place has plenty of islands with great accommodation and entertainment facilities. The weather throughout the year remains nice and warm, and the place is best option as it is just a four hours flight from most of the West Side US cities.

2. Jamaica:

Jamaica is just like a paradise for the couples. The destination has many wonderful places and the resorts provide the perfect facilities.

3. Tahiti:

Tahiti is a wonderful place for honeymoon couples. You will love the atmosphere of the place, as it is the most exotic place in the world. Tahiti is a full entertaining place with diving and snorkeling activities and you will love the serenity of the atmosphere.

4. Fiji:

Fiji is a great tropical place which is famous for the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. Fiji has three hundred odd islands, but most of them are uninhabited. Fiji has many white sandy beaches and the water here is nice and warm, and perfect for diving.

5. Mexico:

Mexico is wonderful place for honeymoon couples with an easy life style and a lot of sunshine. Beaches in Mexico are also very good for shopping, as well for economical accommodation. Honeymoon in Mexico is also economical and rich in adventure.

6. Island of St. Lucia:

This island is rich with marine life and best place for diving and fishing. The atmosphere of the island is also great for the honeymoon trip.

7. Bahamas:

Bahamas has plenty of romantic islands with crystal- clear water and sandy beaches. All these islands are famous for scuba diving, fishing and other water sports.

8. Italy:

Italy is the most famous place for honeymoon among European couples. The place has variety of museums with great artwork. The cruise experience is also a great adventure in Italy.

9. France:

France is famous as the capital among all romantic places with variety of experiences and it is no doubt couples paradise on earth.

10. Antigua:

Antigua has a lot of beaches, which are best for scuba diving and snorkeling. The place has a great natural beauty and perfect place for honeymoon.

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