Horror Movie Sequels That Took The Scares To A Whole New Level

Horror Movie Sequels That Took The Scares To A Whole New Level

Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later didn't just reinvigorate a flagging zombie genre, it almost single-handedly resurrected it. Still, there were more than a few reservations about making a sequel to Boyle's brutal, hyper-kinetic original, particularly because no one involved in 28 Days Later was on board for the sequel, 28 Weeks Later.

As that title suggests, 28 Weeks Later picks up six months after its predecessor, and finds England struggling to put the pieces back together after the near-apocalyptic events of the original. With the help of the U.S. Army, that's just what's happening for a small group of survivors in a secured section of London. That sense of security doesn't last long. When a carrier of the rage virus finds their way into the quarantine zone, all hell quickly breaks loose.

Once that virus is reintroduced to the population, well, things get as bloody as you'd expect. Though Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo skillfully builds toward the inevitable outbreak in 28 Weeks Later, he also takes an "if it ain't broke" approach to the film's narrative — characters are introduced, chaos and carnage ensue, and the film closes with a sinisterly ambiguous ending. Where 28 Weeks Later alters the formula is in its overt focus on character, with Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, and Imogen Poots bringing a much-needed humanity to the mayhem. In turn, 28 Weeks Later packs a surprising emotional punch that even the original never quite managed.


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