Hot Tips for a Cool Summer

Hot Tips for a Cool Summer

Hot Tips for a Cool Summer - Summer Style Tips - Summer Fashion Season » Hot styling tips for summersHey people are you waiting for months to flaunt your gorgeous legs? Then your end is over as summers are here! Though summers are quite dreaded in India but the best part is that it brings with it the new season of fashion, signaling a complete range of wardrobe.

Are you sill thinking to play safe with boring white and conventional pastels this year then mind it that these summers are not meant for mild-hearted. Get seriously bold with colors. Trade the whites, beiges and creams for sunflower yellows, oranges, melon greens and candy pinks. Go for only bright this season. Peacock, candy pink is the season’s must have color, so is yellow. Graphic geometry prints in yellow and black are hot this season.

Shift dresses ending just above the knee, Jodhpur pants, and denim and cotton shorts are great for summers. Shorts are versatile. You can wear them from morning to nights-to the beach, and even to clubs. Shorts are already reigning among young women this season. The more daring are even opting for hot pants. You can team them with loose top or even halter .balloon skirts and balloon tops are strictly no-no. They are outdated now! Go for floral, linen and cotton stuff. Avoid skinny jeans. They’ll stick to your body and make you miserable in heat.

Fringes have conquered the fashion world in the east, with fringe add-ons in sleeves and hems. The one-shoulder style is on every fashionista’s wish-list.

Minimal accessories are the order of the season, which entails the focus, should be on just one piece of jewellery. And let that be the chunky beaded necklace this summer.

For men too, it’s the shorts that are most preferred. Go for casual chick look this season. Pick up calf-length cargo pants. Junk the skinny jeans. Wear straight fit.

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